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Paris 15th district Commerce
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Paris 15th district Commerce



Emile Zola Avenue

It is named after the French writer Emile Zola, born in Paris on April 2, 1840 and died in Paris on September 29, 1902.
Opened in 1905, it has been called "Avenue Emile Zola" since 1907.
A monument to Émile Zola by Constantin Meunier (1831-1905) was erected in 1924. In the work of Jacques Lanfranchi, the statue is described as follows: "The hero is in work clothes surrounded by two figures symbolizing Work and Fertility. »
The statue was melted down during the Occupation between 1942 and 1944.
In 1985, a headstone was erected in memory of Emile Zola, then in 2000, this part of the avenue was named "Place Alfred-Dreyfus".

- No 76 Jules Longuet built a beautiful corner building in 1907. In the hollow of a double volute, an anonymous sculptor has placed two large poppy flowers with stems and foliage, very detailed.

- No. 114-120 building of the Mutuelle des chambres syndicales du bâtiment, built in 1966 by Fernand and Francis Leroy, Raymond Lopez and Henry Pottier.

- No 146 at the beginning of the 20th century, headquarters of L'Entraide, a linen cooperative founded by Gabrielle Duchêne.

Felix Faure Avenue

It is named after Félix Faure (1841-1899), President of the French Republic from 1895 to 1899. This small road in the former commune of Grenelle was called " Herr street ", after a surveyor who drew the plans for Grenelle, and connected the streets of the church and Javel. It took its current name by decree of December 7, 1900.

Part of the Avenue Felix-Faure was detached, in 1907, to form the Felix-Faure square, then Étienne-Pernet.

- No. 71 the nursery of the Hope of the Maria-Chauvière foundation.

- No 72 from 1909 to 2012, the Lay Patronage of the 15th - House for All, since 2012, the Lay Patronage Jules-Vallès.

Gallieni Boulevard

It is named after the Marshal of France Joseph Gallieni (1849 - 1916), defender of Paris during the First World War in 1914. This boulevard is a part of the departmental road no 69 established at the limit of the territory of Paris and Issy-les-Moulineaux on the site of the former Issy maneuvering field annexed to Paris by decree of April 3, 1925. It is at this place that in 1908, Henri Farman's plane travelled for the first time one kilometer in closed circuit. At the beginning of the 20th century, this area close to Paris was devoted to industry because of the proximity of the Army's maneuvering area and the beginnings of aviation; the boulevard crossed that of the Voisin brothers, industrialists. The Gallieni Boulevard is a lane located in Issy-les-Moulineaux on the even side and part of the odd side, and in the 15th district of Paris, on the odd side of its central part. It begins at rue Camille-Desmoulins in Issy-les-Moulineaux and ends at 1, boulevard of the Frères-Voisin. Balard's shooting range was located on the range.

Garibaldi Boulevard

Formed in 1863 from the patrol paths of the General Farmers' Wall of 1789, it was detached in 1885 from the Grenelle Boulevard, in honor of General Joseph Garibaldi, an Italian general who defended France during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.