Paris 15th district Cambronne


Nivert Cross Street

It was a road in 1730 that led to an agricultural estate located between Desnouettes and Lecourbe streets and was named Nivert, after its first owner. In 1623, a cross was built at the intersection of (future) Lourmel and Lecourbe streets, then transferred around 1780 to the intersection of a road (future rue de la Croix-Nivert) with Lecourbe street. This street was part of the communes of Grenelle and to be definitively attached to Paris at the time of the annexation of 1860; it was extended in 1875 to the rue de Vaugirard.

- N°17 ball-restaurant of the Salon de la Victoire founded in 1846, replaced in 1905 by the café-concert des Variétés-Parisiennes, then, between the two wars, by a cinema.
- N°55 : in 1828 was founded the Théâtre de Grenelle, a 1300-seat hall of great renown.