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Neuilly-sur-Seine - St James
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Neuilly-sur-Seine - St James

François 1er ordered the construction of the Château de Boulogne in the forest of Rouvray following his return from Spain in 1529. In the first half of the following century, the close relationship with Spain was emphasized by baptizing it Chateau de Madrid. Located on the site of numbers 29 to 33 Boulevard du Commandant Charcot, it was plundered during the Revolution, and razed to the ground in 1793; nothing of it remains.

Built in 1777 for the former general treasurer of the Navy Claude Baudard de Vaudésir, the Folie St James formed the counterpart of the Folie du Comte d'Artois. This particularly elegant chateau boasted a superb 12-hectare park, part of which has been occupied since the mid 20th century by the Folie-St-James High School. Wellington resided in this chateau when he came to occupied Paris, staying there two days, on July 6th and 7th, 1815. The chateau is today listed.

The St James neighborhood is one of the most sought after areas in Neuilly-sur-Seine. It is bordered by the Seine, the Bois de Boulogne, rue Casimir Pinel and rue de la Ferme.

This prestigious neighborhood boasts many exceptional properties. Some streets feature luxurious private mansions, while others offer superbly appointed apartments.

Properties in Neuilly-sur-Seine

Avenue Saint James

Around Folie Saint James Park magnificent properties command beautiful views including of the Folie Saint James, listed as a historical monument. The park is also home to the Théophile Gautier College and the Lycée de la Folie Saint James. Nearby is the Théophile Gautier gymnasium.

Among the most sought-after streets, Rue du Bois de Boulogne is resolutely upmarket.

Rue Delabordère

Rue Delabordère is particularly renowned in Neuilly-sur-Seine for its superb properties. It is almost exclusively surrounded by magnificent private mansions.

An exceptional Hotel Particulier, recently sold in record time, offers 750m² of floor space in 12 rooms.

Rue de Longchamp

Located near the Seine, rue de Longchamp is the Neuilly Saint James neighborhood’s most lively street, with food outlets, convenience stores, and renowned gourmet restaurants (Livio, Polly Magoo, Piccolo Mondo) ideal for business lunches. The adjoining streets are also very popular: rue Frédéric Passy, Victor Daix and Longpont.

Some properties boast a magnificent view of the Seine. Activities in this area include the Neuilly St James Tennis Club.

Avenue de Madrid

Located between Folie Saint James Park and the Bois de Boulogne, Avenue and Villa Madrid get their names from the aforementioned chateau de Madrid. Numerous prestigious properties are to be found here.