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Neuilly-sur-Seine - Sablons
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Neuilly-sur-Seine - Sablons

The Sablons neighborhood comprises Avenue De Gaulle and its wide side streets. The Sablons plain in the eighteenth century, it was among the first areas in France to extensively cultivate and popularize the potato. The humble “pomme de terre” was widespread in Germany but mostly used to feed animals. In the east of France, we therefore knew of the "cartoufle", but consumed few; Parmentier's idea was to select the best plants and develop them for human consumption. He used the plain of the Sablons for his trials, using the troops to guard his plantations in order to stir up curiosity; the plan was a resounding success.

The ephemeral Ecole de Mars, created by the Convention on June 1st, 1794 was also located here. Intended to forge the spirit of the future soldiers of the Revolution, in July of the same year some 3000 sixteen year-olds gathered here. The school did not however survive the “9 Thermidor” (the day in the Republican calendar corresponding with July 27th) and was dissolved by decree on October 23rd... Robespierre’s adventure would have lasted barely 3 months.

Close to Paris and with numerous shops, the Sablons neighborhood is located north of Avenue Charles de Gaulle, and crossed by Avenue du Roule and Rue d'Orléans. In terms of price per sqm, this is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Neuilly.

Although Neuilly-sur-Seine does not officially have a town-centre, the Sablons district with the town hall and its numerous shops is considered as such by many. Here we primarily find upmarket luxury apartments in renovated buildings and prestigious duplexes in 1930’s freestone buildings.

Properties in Paris 17

Avenue du Roule

The north side of Avenue du Roule is quieter and more residential. Conveniently close to the shops, it offers quality properties around Boulevard Inkerman or Winston Churchill Square.

Plaine des Sablons

The Plaine des Sablons neighborhood is lively, with many shops as well as Sablons Market.

Quartier Sainte-Croix

Near Paris, the Sainte Croix - Ternes neighborhood owes its name to the avenue de la Porte des Ternes which joins Neuilly to Paris, and Notre Dame Sainte Croix school. This school welcomes students from primary to preparatory classes.

Rue de Chartres

A busy street, rue de Chartres allows access to Avenue du Roule via Porte Maillot. With many shops and restaurants, the neighborhood is particularly appreciated by young executives. Here we find the UGC and Gaumont cinemas as well as the “maison des jeunes et de la culture”.