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Neuilly-sur-Seine - Pasteur
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Neuilly-sur-Seine - Pasteur

The Pasteur neighborhood gets its name from the villa and the Pasteur Schools. Located to the north east of Neuilly, it is bordered by rue Perronet, rue de Chezy, Levallois Perret and Paris.
With many shops and boutiques, this neighborhood offers upmarket duplex apartments, spacious family apartments and luxurious private mansions.

Properties in Neuilly-sur-Seine

Villa Pasteur

Very popular with families thanks to its aquatic centre and Pasteur high school, the work of Gustave Umbdenstock. With a pure Louis XIII style, it opened on May 30th 1914 but was soon after requisitioned during the war. It was partially reopened in 1919, and became fully operational from 1923.

Rue Perronet

The Perronet neighbourhood allows easy access to the Aurelles de Paladines tennis courts and Michelis nursery school.

Boulevard Inkermann

This boulevard is highly sought-after particularly for its proximity to Sainte Croix nursery and primary schools and the Vassily Kandisky vocational school.

Rue Borghese

Around rue Pauline Borghèse are Sainte Marie de Neuilly School and the Luis Buñuel Spanish High School

Neuilly Church / Town Hall

St Pierre Church, the work of Dauvergne father and son, dates from 1887. Along with the Town Hall, it is located in avenue Achille Peretti.

Avenue du Roule

Avenue du Roule is the extension of the capital’s Avenue des Ternes. Saint Philippe du Roule is one of the avenue’s most notable landmarks.