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After a wait of 16 years, la Samaritaine officially opens again its doors

It was one of the most awaited architectural events of the year. La Samaritaine, iconic department store of the capital closed since 2005 because of deterioration, has finally opened again 23 June. With a budget of 500 million euros, LVMH company, which bought back the store in 2001, appealed to the Japanese architect’s office SANAA (winner of the Pritzker price in 2010) and Jean-François Lagneau, architect of Historical Monuments, to renovate this spectacular place.

What shall we expect? First of all, the opening of a 5-star hotel, le Cheval Blanc, comprising 72 bedrooms, a 30-m long pool and a terrace. Offices, nursery, 96 social housings and of course luxury boutiques and brands are included.

Regarding the inside, all the Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements have been entirely renovated: the staircase, the wrought iron floral mosaic balustrades, the frescos decorated with peacocks…

When it comes to the serpentine translucent frontage, made up with bulging glass leaves fixed invisibly, it gives an amazing feeling of fluidity thanks to the opposite Haussmann-style buildings which reflect in it.

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