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  7. Next stop: Côte d’Opale, for a better life

Next stop: Côte d’Opale, for a better life

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Next stop: Côte d’Opale, for a better life

Since the quarantines linked to the health crisis, the French have been looking for space and greenery. Thus, their desire to buy has evolved and 32% of second-time buyers wish to acquire a secondary residence. “The second home market eased up a lot during President Hollande era between 2012-2017 because of taxation and the social and political atmosphere. Since the health crisis, we are witnessing a reinforced adjustment because it has revealed to buyers the advantages of having a second home, a haven of peace, a healthy place for the family and for a well-balanced life "explains Alexander Kraft, Chairman and CEO of Sotheby's International Realty France-Monaco. For several years, Côte d'Opale has been all the rage. Until then, buyers came mainly from Belgium and England. Today, more and more people from Lille and Paris are seduced by the seaside resorts. And for good reason! Côte d'Opale enjoys a good geographical location, close to major French and foreign cities, sports facilities, and more attractive prices than those of Paris or Lille. Obviously, buyers look for properties with an outdoor space, but also with unobstructed views, of the sea if possible, close to shops, stations and fiber optics, and ideally with two bedrooms and a study.

But this enthusiasm is likely to have consequences. Indeed, although prices are stable, many people fear inflation and speculation linked on the one hand to the scarcity of land, and on the other hand to that of raw materials. Then, developers face a dilemma: how to create more housing while preserving the coastline?

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