The 15th rides the wave of the crisis

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The 15th rides the wave of the crisis


Posted on 17/09/2021

The 15th arrondissement has benefited from Covid-19 crisis. Its prices, cheaper than those of the north, allow to purchase larger surfaces in a nice environment. Moreover, it’s a very sought-after area because of its proximity with the 7th and the Seine quays. And there are many prestige properties: houses, lofts, duplex apartments with balcony or outdoor space, “indispensable criterion” according to Christelle Stachera-Caché, specialist of the 15th at Sotheby’s International Realty. But prices keep climbing, particularly in northern areas, especially in Grenelle. For flawless quality properties, the average price is €12,415 per sq. m, but it can clearly increase depending on the localization. The south, which used to seem too far from the Parisian center, is revitalizing, just like Pasteur-Montparnasse area which offers recent buildings. Families, who are especially careful with schools, value micro-districts such as Commerce or Convention.

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