Paris 11th district, the rush to the east!

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 Paris 11th district, the rush to the east!


Posted on 07/05/2021

The 11th arrondissement retains its position as a popular district for young people in the north-east of the capital. In recent years, we have seen an increase in interest in this district. Let's discover the reasons for this.

Indeed, it attracts for its modern and festive spirit, which attracts a youth fervent of art and fashion. However, the district is attracting a new clientele, that of young parents and couples. Its reputation has evolved from a working-class neighbourhood to a neighbourhood of golden youth. It is embellished by the Place de la Bastille, the mythical Père Lachaise cemetery, the Boulevard Beaumarchais and Charonne, and the Faubourg du Temple. The architecture of the eleventh arrondissement is characterised by a mixture of cut stone and Haussmannian facades.

In the heart of the 11th arrondissement there is a soothing spirit. Many of the streets are cul-de-sacs with beautiful wooden gates, promising a peaceful life away from prying eyes. The essence of the district is found here, where artists let their creativity run wild. There are many original places that are very bright thanks to their large openings such as bay windows, keeping the calm and offering the artist a dream. Also, there are lively districts such as the rue de la Roquette-Lappe, where partygoers fulfill their desires. Cafés-restaurants, concerts, nightclubs, there is something for everyone, and this contributes to the increase in real estate purchases in the 11th.
Thus, the eleventh arrondissement enjoys two elements, art and party. The young population brings modernity to this district. In fact, there are more and more pedestrianised streets, walking is favoured, and shopkeepers are adapting to it. Coffee shops are multiplying, and the decor is ideal for getting away from it all. The Canal Saint Martin adds even more charm to the landscape, evoking the streets of the Dutch capital.

To discover life in the 11th arrondissement, here is a property dating from 1892, on the third floor. This prestigious flat is located in a secure building. The 126 square metre apartment has a charming old-fashioned feel to it. The property has a double living room, ideal for a family, it is composed of 4 bedrooms including a master suite with its bathroom. Also, the flat is completed by a cellar.

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