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Posted on 16/04/2021

Paris 1st : A collection of prestigious haussmannian apartments


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Paris 1st : A collection of prestigious haussmannian apartments
The first arrondissement of the capital is the historic centre of the city of Paris. Living here is an opportunity reserved for a privileged few. Here, beautiful offices and Haussmannian flats rub shoulders. The district is sought after for its large number of cultural landmarks. Indeed, one finds there the right bank of the capital in which the museum of the Louvre, the museum of the Decorative arts, the game of palm and the orangery are located. It is also possible to bask in the sun in the park of the Tuileries Gardens or the Royal Palace. Not forgetting the breathtaking architecture of the major squares such as Concorde, Châtelet and Victoire. Here, all pleasures are satisfied, from those who wish to discover more about the history of their capital to those who wish to spend an afternoon window shopping. Also the numerous bridges are jewels in the eyes of those sensitive to Parisian architecture, notably with the Pont-Neuf, the Pont au Change or the Pont des Arts and the Pont du Carrousel. Thus, the real estate offer in this district attracts many people and is very sought after.

Historic monuments and flats

Living in the first arrondissement of Paris means living alongside the memories of this city. Everything recalls the different periods of life in this capital. There are the famous tourist sites, of course, but also the giant shopping centre and the Bourse du Commerce where François Pinault made his name. Also, the quays and their bookshops take you back in time.

Many of the streets are well known and sought after when it comes to real estate. The rue de Rivoli is a major element of the first arrondissement.

Accommodation opposite the Louvre Museum

The first arrondissement is full of works of history, and it is very common to find flats overlooking it. Balconies overlook the parks, windows open onto parts of majestic monuments. To live in this district is to be filled with the romanticism of these places, where royalty and its nobles lived.

Art Nouveau in fusion with the art of living

This is a perfect example of Annie's flat in a 1912 building. Its art nouveau style and many exceptional features are immediately appealing. With a living area of 400 m², this luxury property has two floors, with a dining room and a balcony. The property has three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, and a master suite. Other highlights include an office and a home cinema.

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