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Posted on 12/03/2021

Six ways to invest your money


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Six ways to invest your money
In real estate on the French Riviera

One way to invest your money safely is in real estate. For example, a villa on the Côte d'Azur is offered for sale by the Michaël Zingraf network, for the sum of 11.4 million euros. This building, built in 2018, has many qualities, first of all it is located in a secure area, and also has 500 square metres of living space spread over three levels and a vast garden of 2,200 square metres. In addition, there are exceptional features such as a hammam, a swimming pool, a parking space for three cars, a lift and everything is protected by an alarm.

A new health fund

Investing in health is also a popular sector, whether it is investing in vaccine laboratories, but also their associations. "Over the past twenty years, global health expenditure has increased at an annual rate of 3 to 4%. In the medium to long term, the sector's performance will be a multiple of this figure," says Gregori Volokhine, fund manager and chairman of Meeschaert Financial Services.

Bitcoin boom: bubble or no bubble?

Between January 2020 and 2021, the price of bitcoin reached increases of 245%. This crypto-currency has been of great interest to investors and its variations have been seen as a windfall. However, one should be careful with this investment, there can be stalls of around 40%. Vincent Boy, market analyst at IG France points out that "the euphoria on crypto-currencies should follow the evolution of the classical markets. Given the decorrelation between the economy and the valuation of assets, they should undergo a very significant downward rebalancing. This is still a high-risk investment.

Retirement: the quarter-buybacking seam

Investing your money in retirement can also be a good way to retire earlier if you cannot retire at the full rate. In fact, it is possible to buy pension quarters, up to a maximum of 12 purchases. This costs several thousand euros, but the expense is deductible from your income tax.

Ferrari on the starting line

Buying at auction is also a good way to invest your money. Collecting mythical objects allows you to secure and grow your portfolio. For example, Artcurial Motocars offered 170 Ferrari items for auction, from the historic Ferrari 412 T2 engine to mechanics' suits and a Ferrari 126 CK model.

Prestigious Parisian real estate holds up

Finally, Parisian real estate remains a safe bet, in fact, during the lockdown, the effects of the absence of foreign investors were tempered by increased purchases by French customers. Alexander Kraft, president of the luxury real estate network Sotheby's France: "In 2020, Paris was not the most active market in France.

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