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Sotheby’s Leads Asia Again as Innovation Drives Exceptional 2020 Results

With approximately 350 international bidders, Sotheby's Asian Arts auction reached a record €5.7 million, well above its base estimate of €2.7 million.

A large number of Buddhist sculptures, such as the Buddha Maravijaya Buddha sold for 2.7 million euros, the Nepalese figure of Vajrapani bought at 138,600 euros and the Tibetan figure of Shadakshari Avalokiteshvara at 119,700 euros.

Also, pieces of great classical furniture were sold, such as the majestic pair of lacquered cabinets, a genuine imperial work sold for 189,000 euros or the imperial lacquered wooden panel dating from the Qianlong period.

Art objects are also available such as a perfume burner from the Qing Dynasty or the imperial water jar from the Qianlong period sold for 226,800 euros. Also, a vase decorated with the Rose Family on a red background imitating Qing Dynasty cinnabar lacquer was sold for €113,400 and another of the Rose Family "to the eight immortals" also appealed to buyers.

Finally, paintings and books were offered for sale, whose estimates were tripled.

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