The spirit of the rose

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The spirit of the rose

Superb and magnificent fancy vivid purple-pink diamond

On November 11, 2020, a diamond of rare beauty was sold at Sotheby's auction to an anonymous buyer for $26,633,253. This 14.83 carat oval diamond is a vivid purple-pink, its natural color and is nicknamed the Spirit of the Rose. This Russian stone was found in an Ebelyakh deposit of Alrosa in the Republic of Sakha. To understand the preciousness of this stone, it is necessary to understand its origins.

Colored stones were discovered in India in the seventeenth century, the French Tavernier evokes in his writings a pink diamond of 200 carats. However, this is not the only place where these original stones can be found. In fact, they can be found in mines in Russia, Australia, Tanzania, South Africa and Canada. Also, this is a rare diamond, 80% is extracted from Kimberley mines and this extraction constitutes only 0.1% of the resources of this mine. Finally, the taking of its color is original. While most colored diamonds are influenced by the chemical reactions to which they are exposed, the pink stone is created by the pressure and heat it contains. 

Its name also adds value to this very special stone. In fact, the rough diamond is named Nijinsky, after a great Russian ballet dancer. These performances praise Russia, especially this artist, they are symbols of Russian art, history, jewelry and beauty. They show the greatness of Russia. The diamond is named the Spirit of the Rose in memory of the last ballet in which Nijinsky performed.

In July 2017, the Spirit of the Rose is the largest pink crystal ever mined in Russia, it took a year of work to give it its shape. Its raw, oval version reminded Nijinsky of him by its shape, as he himself was quite elongated physically. However, this oval version was also intended to keep as much weight as possible in the stone, its color also recalls the rose, so we have an abstract representation of a rose petal. 

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