Prada: Tools of Memory

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Prada: Tools of Memory

Clothes are objects of desire that remind us of emotion and experience: tools of memory of a precise moment within fashion and time, that on this occasion can help the future.

Fashion has a duty not only to reflect the era, but also to help shape it, to be a useful and meaningful tool, to influence change.
Fashion not only imprints itself and represents the years in which it evolves, but also helps to influence it.

This year's theme at Prada is layering. Whether it is through various pleats or bangs, the style is printed in an idea of multiplication of fabrics. The unique pastel blue dress with pearled neckline and bangs is representative of this trend. Miuccia Prada, head of the fashion brand of the same name, has a strong influence in this particular world of fashion, but is also committed to avant-garde causes such as ecology. For example, nylon is recycled thanks to plastic waste.

The art
Art does not only blossom in Prada's sublime creations, but also in other artistic forms such as Daniel Arnold's photographic prints for example. 

The Prada auction also has virtues such as humanitarian action. In fact, all proceeds will be donated to the United Nations to help children who have suffered from the closure of schools due to Covid-19 and who are struggling to keep up with their studies and the "Keeping Girls in the Picture" campaign.

The collection
Prada x Sotheby's "Tools of Memory" highlights the centrality of design in art in general and fashion in particular. The auction will be composed of unique pieces, photographic prints, but also pieces from the Prada fashion show set. All of these elements transcribe an idea of art, the one that moves, that marks. Miuccia Prada sees in her collections the possibility of giving fashion a purpose, the collections transcribe the times in which we live, the causes for which we fight. Fashion is not superficial, it is a tool for claiming.
From the runway to the grandstand
Faced with the coronavirus crisis and the new health measures, Miuccia's individual shows will be streamed, and the new collection becomes a unique moment in this very special context. Among the highlights of the auction, the equestrian statue representing the Atlas of the Greek Titan, which was on display in the large hall of the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada during a show, will be present. 

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