MayDay : Covid-19 Collecte

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MayDay : Covid-19 Collecte

Sotheby's and Google works together to support the International Rescue Committee

With the importance of joining forces more apparent than ever, Sotheby’s has partnered
with Google to support the International Rescue Committee with a unique fundraising effort to
support those impacted hardest by the spread of COVID-19.

In this time of separation and social-distancing, Sotheby’s and Google are coming together virtually
to raise much-needed funds for the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) work to help mitigate
and respond to the spread of COVID-19 in vulnerable communities. Together with leading figures
from all walks of culture, business, politics and science, Sotheby’s and Google will launch an online

At this time, sharing is key – and it is this very ethos that underpins the MayDay: Covid-19 Charity
Auction. There is power in numbers, so explore the lots, gather your friends and register to bid on
one of these memorable evenings.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the IRC by the experience providers. Buyer’s Premium
will be charged on all lots and 100% will be donated by Sotheby’s to the IRC.
For more informations, check the article on Sortheby’s.