Sale of an exceptional private mansion in the 7th arrondissement of Paris

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 Sale of an exceptional private mansion in the 7th arrondissement of Paris


Posted on 12/02/2021

The exceptional history of the property and its twin

In 1754, the banker Pierre Salle and his brother-in-law Jacques Hocquart commissioned the architect Jean Damun to build two private mansions on the same plot of land. The properties are located in Rue de l'Université, a street already steeped in history. In fact, it is located on the former plots of land of the Champs de Mars and the street was opened in 1880, on land belonging to the former University, whose name it inherited.

First of all, the peculiarity of these hotels is that they are identical both in their architecture and decoration. However, their use is different, the Hotel Hocquart, was intended for rental, while the Hotel Lannion, was the place of residence of Jacques Hocquart. The two hotels face each other, like a true symmetry. Both are composed of a central cut-away forebody and Ionic pilasters. The two hotels constitute a true historical heritage, located on the former Hotel de Montmorency.

The Hocquart Hotel, which was intended for rental, has been home to various personalities over the years, such as Monsieur de Saint-Priest, the Count of Vaudreuil, Countess Gabrielle de Polignac, and Charles de Montmorency. It has also been the headquarters of various institutions such as the Compagnie des Chemins de fer du Midi, the "La Prévoyance" company, and today it houses the Tapeï Representation (Taiwan).

A truly prestigious property

The Lannion Hotel was the home of its sponsor, Jacques Hocquart. It is a real gem in the high-end real estate market. With 500m2 of living space and 120 m2 of terraces, the five-storey mansion offers many exceptional features. First of all, the hotel has very little opposite, it is composed of two lifts, one serves all levels, the other is a service lift, also, a magnificent 18th century grand staircase adds cachet to the property. This luxury property is divided into several parts, two duplex flats with terraces and two independent studios/workshops. Also, as far as travel is concerned, three private car parks are sold with the property, but it is also close to public transport and shops. Its exceptional location is indeed crossing South/West and North/East.

This property steeped in history is also exceptional for the variety of its decoration, making it a true historical heritage. In fact, it has Regency and Ottoman wood panelling, Venetian paintings and mouldings.

Find a description of the property here. 

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